Message from the President
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May I take this opportunity to extend my heartiest felicitations to Humboldtians all over the world and in particular to members of the Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, has been fostering research work at the highest possible standard in all areas by offering the opportunity to top quality researchers all over the world to come to Germany with new ideas and work in a German Institute. The Humboldtians return to their home countries and pursue their profession, but maintain contact with their German research hosts and other research associates. The stay in Germany, a country with an extremely rich history of scientific, cultural and literary achievements leaves a profound positive influence on the subsequent career of the Humboldtians. They have established Humboldt Clubs and Associations in their countries with a view to maintaining their academic and cultural tie with Germany through collective efforts. The Foundation maintains a network of over 23000 Humboldtians which includes 43 Nobel Laureates, a fact which may be considered to be a measure of its achievement.

Humboldt Club Bangladesh was founded in 1983, the founder President being the first Humboldt Fellow from the country, Late Professor Syed Bazle Ali. Though we were only a few Humboldtians in the country at that time, we organized symposiums on current topics and popular lectures on important national issues at regular intervals, and social occasions involving Officials of the German Embassy, the Goethe Institute and academic visitors from Germany. The Club always made efforts to encourage local scientists to apply for the Humboldt Fellowship, and the number of Humboldtians has increased significantly over the past years. Since 2004, we have renamed the Humboldt Club Bangladesh and now it is the Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh. On behalf of the members of the Association, I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the Foundation for providing support for our professional activities, and also for the activities of our association, to the German Embassy in Dhaka for its interest and cooperation, and the Goethe Institute, Dhaka for its active support and for providing us its logistics for many of our programs.

The members of our association are making significant contribution towards the research output in our country, and some of our members are holding key positions in academic administration and learned societies.

The Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh treasures the academic and cultural tie between Germany and Bangladesh and will always nourish it.

(M. Muhibur Rahman)


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