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Alexanderr von HumboldtThis Association is an association of scholarly researchers and professionals of our society, who by dint of their outstanding achievements in research, have been awarded with post-doctoral Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Alexanderr von Humboldt Foundation is one of the most reputed Organizations of the world, established by the Federal Republic of Germany which aims in promoting international scientific cooperation between highly qualified scholars and sponsorship is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in research sometimes leading to Nobel Prizes. 43 of the Humboldtians have already got Nobel Prizes, speaks of the quality of the Humboldt Fellows in general, and illustrates the level of success attained by them. Alexander von Foundation maintains a network of over 23000 Humboldtians, who have formed Associations all around the world including USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Australia, India, Brazil and Japan and Humboldt Foundation in Bonn has direct contact with these Associations.

The Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh is one of the oldest of its kind in South East Asia, which was first formed in 1983 under the initiative of late Prof. Dr. Syed M. Bazle Ali and Prof. Dr. M. Muhibur Rahman as Founder President and General Secretary respectively. Initially its name was Humboldt Club Bangladesh. Since 2004 it has been renamed as Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh. In recent years the Association has been significantly activated, achieving its aims and objectives. One of the important tasks of this Association is to maintain close liaison with: the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bangladesh, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Alumni Association of Bangladesh and international Networking of Humboldt Associations and Fellows of different disciplines. The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bangladesh is the chief patron of this Association.

The Executive Committee of the Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh consists of the following office-bearers: President, 2 Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Joint Secretaries and 6 Members. The General Council elects the Executive Committee for a period of two years.

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