Message from the President
<a id="top" name="top">[lnk]</a>It gives me immense pleasures to see that the Association of Humboldt Fellows Bangladesh (AHFB) has launched a nice and informative website. This essentially means that AHFB is now much more organized than ever. Since the very beginning, AHFB has been organizing scientific and scholarly events on contemporary issues despite that there were only a few Humboldtians in the country when AHFB was formed. Hopefully, new and young Humboldtians are joining the group and the AHFB is expanding in terms of the number of alumni as well as activities. The Embassy of Germany in Dhaka, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Goethe Institute have all been collaborating withthe AHFB in a very generous way. I would take the opportunity to thank all of them.
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH), through a range of programmes, has been supporting the topmost scientists and scholars, both young and experienced, from around the globe. Since the AvH picks scholars based on the academic excellence only, the Humboldt community represents one of the most outstanding assemblages of scholars. The AvH also effectively maintains contact with every single Humboldtian worldwide and promotes academic contacts between the Humboldtians. This global network currently comprises more than 25,000 scientists andscholars from all disciplines in over 130 countries. The most inspiring for the current and prospective Humboldians is that 48 Nobel Laureates are Humboldt alumni and belong to the global Humboldt community. Through the global network, the Humboldtians exchange knowledge, ideas and views that are essential for the promotion of science and the society. It is our responsibility to take the message to our young scientists and scholars in order to inspire them, and the AHFB has been aware of its responsibility. I strongly believe this website will attract and inspire future Humboldtians and also promote interactions among existing Humboldtians.
The AHFB is indebted to the first Humboldt Fellow from Bangladesh, Late Professor Syed Bazle Ali, who founded the Humboldt Club Bangladesh (1983), which is what is currently known as AHFB. I also sincerely thank all the AHFB members for their efforts and contributions that make the association progress. Science has made enormous advancement over the last decades; at the same time, global crises have also intensified. In the changing world, scientists and scholars are expected to take much more responsibilities than ever. I strongly believe that the Humboldtians will take the responsibility and lead the society towards a better world.  
Professor Imdadul Hoque
Department of Botany
Dhaka University


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